Louisiana oysters, my forehead, and other giant things

A few days ago we celebrated my birthday, as I mentioned on here before. We had been in Louisiana for a few days but hadn’t yet had oysters. If you stick with me, you’ll understand that I am head over heels in love with these gross-but-amazing little ocean treats. So when Lachlan, my boyfriend, asked me what I wanted to eat that day (notice “eat”, not “do”… bless him) I had oysters in my mind. So yes we ate oysters. A lot of them. Four platters to be precise. And you would think it would put me off for life? It didn’t, just made my stomach make a larger space for them. And large it must be, as Louisiana oysters are the BIGGEST I’ve ever seen in my life! I have eaten oysters often and everywhere – from Australia to Asia to Africa to Europe to the Americas and Canada. Literally. We even have a new tradition at home in the French Alps with my family; on Sundays the local bar has veryyyy cheap oysters in the morning so all the locals head down for a 10am ocean treat and “petit blanc” which literally means a “little white” – the small glass of white wine that’s cheap but great – the kind that slides right down your throat without your blinking an eye.

So, yeah. Oysters are my thang.

Can you believe my utter disbelief when THOSE THINGS came out of behind the oyster bar, every time? The size of my hand, I tell you. Or my forehead, which is a much better scale on all things huge to compare it to (picture attached for reference). To summarize; Louisiana oysters? Huge but delicious. You may need your big and hungry boyfriend (or you big and hungry girlfriend) to eat them for you if they are, indeed, as big as my forehead. You’ve be warned.

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