Taiyaki Ice Cream at TaiyakiNYC

After spending a month in Japan last year there is an almost never ending display of delicious memories that seem to blur my vision day to day like a Kaleidoscope. So it’s definitely difficult to pic any winner, but some tasty treats do stand out. Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese waffle about the size of a hand, usually filled with sweet red bean paste or custard. It is shaped like a fish, or “Tai”, the Japanese seabream. They date all the way back to the Meiji era and are now found all over Japan and especially during Japanese festivals.

After doing a LOT of research on social media I came across the wonder that is Taiyaki NYC. These incredible geniuses have created a taiyaki cone, with the mouth of the fish open and seemingly choking on the creamy goodness that is their soft serve.

I had to try it.

Needless to say I had my reservations. I thought that it would jeopardize the red bean filling and maybe it would be a little overwhelming.

And overwhelming it was… THE BEST OVERWHELM EVER.

There are a few flavours and the one pictured is strawberry vanilla, but my favourite were sesame and matcha. The soft serve was so creamy and smooth, and it paired with the red bean like an arranged marriage – unexpectedly incredible. Are they big enough that you need to share? Yes, yes they are. But don’t make the same mistake I did… you’ll want a whole one to yourself.

Have you been? If not, go. Like fly a plane and get there, ASAP.

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