REVIEW: Wynwood walls and 1800-Lucky, MIAMI

A few weeks ago, when I was still stateside and basking in the Floridian sunshine, my boyfriend Lachie and I decided to take a day trip from our AirBnB stay in West Palm Beach to head to Miami. Following the suggestion of a friend we headed straight to Wynwood, the funky street art district of the ocean-side city. Wynwood is many things, but mainly it’s just plain cool. It’s a giant splash of colour in an otherwise drab environment; the surrounding streets are nothing too appealing but Wynwood is a breath of fun and creativity. For someone like me, whose creativity remains safely behind closed brain, who has never been able to create anything worth looking at with my hands, I am always extra in awe at what others can do with theirs. The neighbourhood’s main attraction, the Wynwood Walls, are a treat for visitors to peruse and admire, offering up incredibly talented artists’ work as street art on the walls of most, if not all, of the buildings.  There are dozens of interesting stores, cafes and restaurants with music and artisanal goods stands on every corner. It was at one of the latter that we bumped into some friends and ended up on a whirlwind Sunday of sightseeing, drinks and food! 

After asking a few locals where the best place to eat would be, we were directed towards 1800-Lucky, a food hall style venue that offers up mid-range asian fare in a relaxed environment. As soon as I pictured asian small plates, I was sold. I just can’t get enough of this cuisine, am I the only one? Literally my parents have begun to stop me from choosing the restaurants we go to. I will never be silenced.

Moving on, the prices were extremely correct for the experience. The venue is lovely, hidden from the street by high fences and lots of plants and trees – so you feel like you’ve been taken away to some other place, where the sun is shining and the palm trees sway in the breeze… okay maybe you just feel like you’ve never left Miami, but in this case that’s okay.

Now, the fooooooood. Oh glory, it was good. 1800-Lucky has 7 vendors, each with different dishes and flavours. We started off with some drinks from the bar, obviously. Then some more drinks, from the bar. Obviously.

Next, we ordered various dim sum dishes from YIP, namely some Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), which were delicious, some shrimp dumplings (which came a little later and were devoured before I had the chance to take a picture… notice Lachie’s grabbing hand in the pictures!) and some shrimp eggplant, one of my favourites, which is lightly fried eggplant stuffed with shrimp curd. As excited as I was to eat, I burned off more than one taste bud with the first steamy bite of eggplant. and then again, with the soup dumplings – think dropped open chimpanzee mouth and fast inhaling and exhaling, some hand waving and exclamations of “huh-hoh-hot-hot-hah”. When will I learn??

Following this cautionary tale, we ordered two dishes to share from Lotus + Cleaver. Some egg and scallion fried rice and a Stir-fried Vegetarian Lo Mein. Both were very flavourful, the noodles were just right (I hate when Lo Mein is over-saucy but this was perfect) and the rice held it’s shape and didn’t feel overly oily, which I find is common in fried rice. 

And what did I find to heal my burned tongue? Well just my favourite ice cream from NYC!! I wrote a post about Taiyaki NYC here, so you can imagine how absolutely thrilled I was to see them again in Miami. I was so unprepared that I squealed and dropped my phone when I saw the familiar logo. That’s how damn excited I was to have it again! My pictures on the last post didn’t include my favourite flavour so lo and behold, here it is. Matcha and Sesame soft serve with mini mochi cakes. Waffle stuffed with red bean paste. Uh-huh, my eyes may be turning fish shaped too. 

So there you have it folks. If you’re ever in Miami and in the mood for some rockin’, mouth-watterin’, tongue-burnin’, phone-droppin’ goodness, bring your pals or bring your mum and enjoy yourself a damn good meal. 

Check them out!



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