We spent my birthday in NOLA a few weeks ago and there’s one place that keeps clawing itself to the forefront of my brain. We walked past Pêche on our first expedition from the hotel to the French Quarter, and as soon as I looked at the menu, I knew we were meant to be together.

First up: oysters. Louisiana oysters, which are simply huge and which I’ve spoken about before… terrifying stuff really.

Next we had something that I had t had before. Steak tartare… on toast. I didn’t even realize that it would be served like that and I was skeptical. I mean, it looked good but I reduced toast to morning spreads and whatever-leftovers-are-in-my-fridge toast. But worry I mustn’t have, the tartare was spiced just right and the toast added a pleasant texture in its crunchy crust, with the bread soaking up the tartare juices and tangy oyster aoli. Absolute treat for the tastebuds!

Next we enjoyed two dishes. The lunch special which was a baked white fish in a tomato sauce with peas and cilantro. The fish was melt-in-your-mouth and absorbed the sauce like a sponge! As a side we ordered some grilled baby eggplant with a chili-tomato sauce. Now that’s a feast. Literally could not stop gushing to the waiter (3 glasses of wine down, very classy might I add!)

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