Back from cyber silence

I’ve been a little off the grid lately – but that’s only because Lachie and I have been hired on a new yacht! So my absence is caused by something good, if that excuses anything.

My blog unfortunately has taken a backseat as I have been thrown back into the world of yachting with some very busy weeks. I think the direction of this blog will have to change slightly, as I will have to start showing off the food from my day to day life on here more than my daily excursions to restaurants. But both will feature! My recipes will have to be put aside but that’s okay – my love of cooking will always be there and perhaps I will be able to go back to the cooking side of things in a little while.

Right now I am still busy with guests on board, so unfortunately there is not many restaurant reviews to feature. I have some time off in a few weeks though so be prepared – the food will follow! So for now, I will go back to writing what I can, and look back on the last few months. Back to it!

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