The last year’s travels: a breakdown

So, now that I feel a little more settled back into writing, and happy with the direction of this blog, I’m going to add a lot more travel content as, next to food, it is the other love of my life. It’s tough for me to have one without the other! This past year has been a whirl of so much good stuff, as I mention in my introduction. We left our old yacht employer in October 2017 and flew to Japan, where we spent a month. From there, we flew to Thailand to meet up with a friend for three weeks, before flying back home to Chamonix in France over the holidays. After that we flew to Panama where we began a three month backpacking trip through Central America via bus, before opting for buying a friend’s dilapidated Jeep, and driving it from Nicaragua to Mexico. It broke down on us in questionable areas most days. What a hoot. And finally, we planned a road trip through the United States and ended up buying an old ambulance that we drove from Los Angeles, all around the states, up to Canada to finish down in Florida, where we were flown from to join our current yacht employer.

I’ve been sorting through my photos from the last year and let’s be honest; more than half are pictures of food. So although they may not be professional photos with incredible lighting and quality, they reflect the moments in which they were captured. Fish and chips on a cliff in Nova Scotia. A mango on the side of the road in Mexico. A bowl of steaming Udon in Tokyo. A pumpkin soup by a lake in Washington. These are the images that make me dream, that tickle my tastebuds and prick my curiosity. So I will be posting a lot more from this year of travels, and hope to take you with me!

Happy as can be on the beach in Costa Rica

Above the clouds at home in Chamonix
Off the coast of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
Miyajima Island, Japan
Camping in Monument valley, Arizona, USA
Making dinner somewhere in Utah

Camping above Santa Barbara
Enjoying a veggie wrap in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park

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